How to Get Work Injury Compensation

By eHow Contributor

If you are injured at work, in most cases, you are entitled to work injury compensation. The type of compensation you are entitled to depends on the nature of your injury and whether you are covered under worker's comp. State laws vary substantially, and each employer may have different policies with respect to which insurer they use.

Find out if your employer is required to have worker's compensation insurance. In most states, almost all employers are.

Make sure your injury is covered by worker's comp. If you were injured in the course of your employment while doing something job related, you are entitled to work injury compensation. This is true in some cases even if you weren't physically at the office, as long as you were somewhere you were supposed to be. Negligence does not preclude a work injury claim, and your employer did not have to do something negligent in order for you to be entitled to work injury compensation.

Notify your employer or your injury and your intent to seek work injury compensation as soon as you can after your injury. You must also go to a doctor, sometimes one recommended by your employer.

Obtain the correct form for a compensation claim from your doctor or employer -- depending on the requirements of your state -- and fill it out completely. Provide the form to your employer for submission to your employer's insurance agency.