How to Look Up License Plate Numbers

By Adam Benjamin

Searching for the license plate of a family member, friend or employee is convenient. Online search companies enable you to find a license plate number in information recorded by state departments of motor vehicles. Find a plate number with a few typed words and a button click.

Search Directions

Collect information on the license plate owner. Have the person's first and last name and state handy. A vehicle identification number, or VIN, is a useful alternative. Additional information on the person's address, birth date and driver's license number can make the search more exact and quicker.

Choose a license plate search company on the Internet. and each offer license plate searches by name or VIN.

Enter the owner's name or VIN. On the search tool screen, there are text entry boxes for entering name and state information. The name is required. If you choose a VIN search, select the VIN search option. Enter the VIN.

Click the search button.

Select the license plate in the search results. From a list of results, find the name or VIN of the person you are looking for and then find the specific plate. Select the plate record to pull up the license plate number.

About the Author

Adam Benjamin Pollack is a San Diego native dedicated to the great sentences on civil society. He authored the Subchapter S Report to tell legal news for the American Bankers Association. He holds a Juris Doctor from Indiana University and a Master of Public Policy from University of California, Berkeley.