How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Record in Oregon?

By Michael J. Scott
Long, a DUI Stay, Your Record, Oregon

A DUI conviction in Oregon can greatly impact your life, even long after you have paid your dues to society. It can prevent you from gaining employment or attending school.


A DUI conviction in Oregon will remain on your record forever. It does not drop off after a set amount of time, and Oregon state law precludes expungements for DUI convictions. Once it's on your record, it's there for life.


In most states, an arrest without a conviction can be removed from your record, but Oregon does not allow this for traffic offenses. So even if you are not convicted, the arrest will remain. But arrests do not have the same negative consequences as convictions and should not have any negative impact on your life.


Oregon does allow certain DUI offenders to enter into a diversion program. If you complete the requirements of the program, the charge is ultimately dismissed. The arrest will remain on your record, but no conviction will be entered.

Changes in the Law

As of 2009, there is no way to remove a DUI arrest or conviction from your record. The Oregon state legislature is considering a bill to allow expunging records if the charge was dismissed or the prosecutor declined to press charges. But diversion-related dismissals would be exempt from this law.

Comparison to Other States

Oregon is relatively strict when it comes to criminal records, and DUI convictions and arrests. Most states will allow a DUI to be expunged after a set period of time. Utah, for example, allows DUI convictions to be expunged after 10 years if no subsequent offenses have occurred.