How to Check Your Criminal Public Records for Free Online

By eHow Contributor
Criminal Public Records

It is important to check your criminal public records free online. Why? Even though you may know that you have never been convicted of a crime, a police department may have made a clerical error and entered you into a database as a criminal. Everyone should be aware of their own public records to ensure that the information contained in them reflects the truth. Up until recently it was very difficult for someone to obtain their criminal records, and if they were able to obtain them, there would almost always be a fee involved. All this has changed in the last few years as the government becomes more comfortable with allowing access to public information over the internet. Now you can check your criminal public records free online. It is especially important to check your criminal record before you begin looking for a new job. Chances are good that your new employer will check your criminal records, so it's better to know exactly what information they will see when they do check.

Check the Criminal Searches website; I have included a link to the page in the resources section at the bottom of this article. Criminal Searches is the most comprehensive database to use in order to check you criminal public records for free.

Click on the link for advanced search and type in your name and date of birth. Although Date of Birth is not a requirement, entering this piece of information will help the site make sure it is pulling the criminal public record for the correct person.

Use the symbols that pop up next to your name to get a description of the nature of your alleged crime. You can also click on the view details button next to your name in order to get even more information about the public records that are on file for you.