Brass Knuckle Laws

By Taunda Edwards ; Updated June 08, 2017
Man wearing brass knuckles

The laws regarding owning, using, purchasing or selling brass knuckles vary from state to state. Some states consider brass knuckles a deadly weapon, because depending on how the brass knuckles are used, they can kill a person. Before you buy brass knuckles, you should know the state statute.

Fighting Tool

Brass knuckles are fighting instruments and tools. The knuckles are designed to improve a fighter’s punching power. Brass knuckles are worn on a person’s knuckles, across the fingers. Brass knuckles are made of metal, brass, alloy or aluminum. There are consist of four open holes that fit loosely around a person’s finger. There can be physical damage to the person wearing the brass knuckles, such as fingers bending and breaking when throwing the punch, as well as physical damage to the person receiving the punch, such as a broken nose.

Permit To Carry Concealed Weapon

In most states, carrying brass knuckles is legal. In Georgia, for example, carrying a concealed weapon is legal, and brass knuckles are considered concealed weapons. There are regulations as to who may carry the brass knuckles, such as age requirements. In legal-brass-knuckle states, a would-be carrier must apply for and receive a permit that allows individuals to carry concealed weapons. Carrying brass knuckles without a permit is illegal, and if caught, a person could be fined and possibly serve jail time.

Careful How You Use It

In states that allow a person to carry brass knuckles, there are laws on how the knuckles may be used. Intentionally assaulting a person is not permitted and could carry serious legal consequences. If the situation is self-defense, as in the breaking and entering of a home, brass knuckles may be used if the owner has a permit to carry the weapon.

Illegal in Florida

In Florida, brass knuckles are outlawed. All businesses and establishments are prohibited from selling brass knuckles. In Florida, selling and possessing brass knuckles is a second-degree misdemeanor, and punishable by the courts.

California Too

In California, brass knuckles are illegal weapons, and anyone carrying or possessing them can face up to a year in prison. Manufacturers are not allowed to sell or trade brass knuckles either.

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