How to Find a Social Security Disability Lawyer

By eHow Contributor
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A Social Security disability lawyer can help you to get the Social Security disability benefits that you deserve. A good Social Security disability lawyer will be able to facilitate your claim to success. No legal representation is required if you are filing a Social Security disability claim. However, employing an attorney will bolster your potential for getting a positive ruling in your case.

Do your research on social security disability lawyers in your area. Speak with anyone you know who has been in a situation similar to yours. Ask if they employed the services of a social security disability lawyer and if they thought that their attorney was productive and helped them to accomplish their goals. Find out if they can recommend the services of a specific social security disability lawyer or firm.

Try online research, such as through the local state bar association.

Meet with potential attorneys. Ask about their trial record and any successes they have had with clients whose cases were similar to your own. Ask how many Social Security disability claims they handle in a year.

Ask about fee structure. What money (if any) is due up front? What happens if they case needs to be appealed? Make sure you thoroughly understand how the attorney will expect to be compensated.

Choose a lawyer who seems understanding and supportive of your case -- and whom you trust. Find out who will represent you in settlement talks or at administrative hearings and whether you can expect regular updates -- and from whom and how often.