How to Beat Camera Traffic Light Tickets in Ohio

By Ann Mapleridge ; Updated June 09, 2017
Traffic light and a surveillance camera

Red light cameras have become commonplace at intersections all over Ohio. The cameras are designed to help catch people who run red lights when the police may not be around to see them. You might not even be aware you've gotten a camera traffic light ticket until you receive the ticket in the mail. If you get a red light ticket in Ohio, there are a few things you can try to beat the ticket and not have to pay a fine or go to court.

Make sure that the picture you have been sent is actually of your car. Mistakes happen, and it is possible you could receive a ticket for a vehicle that isn't even yours.

Look at your ticket and see if there is a phone number listed for the court where your ticket was issued. If the ticket suggests that you should not contact the court about your ticket, then it may be issued by the camera maker, not actually by the court, and could not be valid.

Make sure the traffic lights in the picture are clearly visible. if the picture does not show a red light for you (or a green light for opposing traffic), then you can claim that the light was not in fact red when you went through it.

Calculate the time the light at the intersection stays yellow. In general a light will need to be around four seconds long. If you can prove the yellow light was not long enough, you can get your ticket dismissed.

Claim you were not driving the car. If the picture clearly shows that you were driver, then this method is not going to work. The police may also ask you to identify who was in fact driving the car. While you are not required by law to identify the person, it could be a difficult battle.

Contact the court and make sure it has your ticket on file. In some cases you may receive a ticket, but that ticket will never be filed with the court. if the ticket isn't officially filed, then you don't have to pay.


Don't simply ignore your ticket. Ignoring a ticket could get your ticket sent to collections or even get you arrested.