How to Beat a Traffic Ticket for Expired Tags

By Ann Mapleridge ; Updated June 13, 2017
Officer's Hand Putting Parking Ticket On Car

Getting a ticket for expired tags can be frustrating. As traffic violations go, however, a ticket for expired tags is one of the easiest tickets to get dropped by the court without you having to pay a dime. If you've recently got a ticket for expired tags, here's how to beat the ticket.

Get the tags renewed for your vehicle as soon as possible after getting your ticket. Before you get your new tags, carry your ticket in your car with you to show an officer if you are pulled over again. In most cases, an officer won't write you another ticket for the violation if you've already received one.

Show up to court early the day of your trial with the paperwork for your new tags in hand.

Show the DA that you have taken care on the issue. In most cases, the DA will dismiss the charges right there without you ever having to see a judge.

Explain to the DA why you were late renewing your tags. If you have a decent reason why you missed renewing your tags--even if that reason is that you simply forgot--many DAs will drop the charges, especially if you can show that your immediately rectified the issue after receiving the ticket.

Ask for a continuance if the DA is not willing to drop the charges. At your next court date, try the same approach with that DA, and bring along with you any proof you have that you were not able to get your tags renewed on time, such as a hospital bill or plane tickets proving you were out of town. If the ticket gets to a judge, she will more than likely drop the charges if you can prove the expired tags were due to no fault of your own.