Things Not to Say to a Police Officer

By Rissa Watkins
Things, a Police Officer
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When you are being pulled over by a police officer, you must monitor your behavior. There are some things not to say to a police officer no matter what the circumstances. Your attitude and what you say can cause severe delays and could involve jail time.

Bad Jokes

Making bad jokes to a police officer is not a good idea. Jokes that insult the police are distasteful. Don't forget that police officers have the discretion to give warnings or tickets. Being rude will make the police officer less inclined to issue a warning.


Never offer money to avoid getting a ticket or being arrested. This includes asking how many tickets to the policemen's ball it will take to make the arrest or traffic stop go away. Bribing a police officer is illegal and could land you in a jail cell for a longer time.


Never, ever threaten a police officer. Police put their lives on the line every day. Every traffic stop or incident can be a potentially deadly situation for them. Police are trained to put you down hard and fast if you threaten them.

Criminal Activity

Unless you are giving a confession, do not report your criminal activity to a police officer. Telling the police officer you have drugs or admitting past crimes will force the police officer to arrest you.

Refuse to Cooperate

Refusing to cooperate can land you in jail in some states. In Arizona, officers are being trained to give blood alcohol tests at the time of the DUI stop. Drivers who refuse to cooperate can be arrested and lose their license for a year.

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