How to Copyright a CD

By Meaghan Ellis

Copyrighting a CD protects your audio creations and ideas from being stolen and distributed without your consent. Copyrighting a CD can be a bit technical, considering all of the requirements needed in order to complete the process.

How to Copyright a CD

Complete the governmental copyright SR Form application eForm. This is the fastest way to complete this process and also gives you the benefit of checking the status of your SR Form application online. Open your Internet browser and go to When the Web site loads, you will see several actions regarding possible copyright options. Click on the "Pre-Register Your Work" link, located at the bottom of your browser screen.

Click "Continue" to proceed to the registration portion of the application. You will be directed to a login screen. Click on the last link below the login data forms to register as a new user. On the next screen enter your first and last name, e-mail address, create a user ID, password and challenge question for login assistance and password security purposes. Click "Next." On the following screen, provide your demographic information. Click "Next" when you have entered the required information.

Review and confirm the Terms of Usage. Click "Next" to agree to the terms. Your login portal will now appear. Locate the option links on the right panel of your login portal. Click on the "Register New Claim" to begin processing your CD material. You will see a list of steps in large bold lettering. Always review these terms to ensure your CD material is processed correctly.

Click "Start Registration" to begin filling out your SR Form. Individually enter the title of each data file on your CD exactly as it appears on the physical CD. Click "Save" and repeat this process for each additional CD file. When you have finished entering titles, fill out the rest of the application by following the directions. Try to be as accurate as possible with your details and descriptive information.

Click "Submit" at the end of the SR Form application. You will be redirected to the online payment area. You must pay for your registration fees in order to process the application. Print and record your confirmation number and receipt for the registration payment. You will now be able to upload and submit your CD material. Upload each audio file individually. Record your reference number before closing out the screen.

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