How to Find Out If Your Tennessee Driver's License Is Suspended

By Geoffrey Weed
The state flag of Tennessee.
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For any variety of reasons, a person may have his driver's license suspended. This is no different in Tennessee than it is anywhere else. The process of finding out if your Tennessee driver's license is suspended is relatively easy, but getting your license back might not be. It is, however, very important to find out if your license is suspended to avoid any further legal problems from driving on a suspended license.

Locate your nearest Drivers Services Center. While many other states have similar offices known as the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) or Secretary of State's Office, in Tennessee the place you'll need to go is called the Drivers Services Center. These are located throughout the state and there should be one near you.

Route out a way to get to the nearest Drivers Services Center. If you believe that your license may be suspended, then you absolutely shouldn't drive. Instead, take public transportation, ride a bike, walk or ask a friend of family member to drive you to the location.

Take a number and wait to be called on once you arrive at the Tennessee Drivers Services Center. Wait times at these offices can be long, especially during peak hours (early morning or after work), so allow plenty of time.

Present your driver's license to the clerk, once you're called, and simply tell her that you'd like to check and find out if your Tennessee driver's license is suspended. You may have to wait 10-20 minutes for her to check into the matter, although she can usually look you up on the computer fairly quickly and let you know.

If you are informed about any suspension, ask what you need to do to remedy the situation or if there's anything you need to do.

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