How to Contact a Probation Officer About a Violation

By Legal Editor

If you witnessed a parole violation or crime, then you should report it to the current probation officer.

Report a crime or violation if you have witnessed the violation or have the accurate evidence. You will want to make sure you are 100 percent accurate when you report this crime.

Stay away from the violator. Do not threaten him or say you will tattle on him. This threat could only cause the perpetrator to get angry and he might take it out on you.

Call the police department and find out who is the probation officer for this person that violated her parole or probation. Make sure you have the right contact person before reporting anything.

Tell the probation officer what happened and how you believe the person on probation violated his probation. Be accurate in every detail.

Allow the probation officer to write down everything you say as you report it and wait for his or her advice on the situation. You can remain anonymous on this report.