What Percentage Is Child Support Based On in Arkansas?

By Teo Spengler

Arkansas child support is set by a judge who applies the guidelines established by the Supreme Court. The amount varies depending on income and number of kids.

Child support in Arkansas is determined by a judge who calculates it under the most current version of the Arkansas Supreme Court's Administrative Order No. 10. The judge first determines the income of the parent ordered to pay child support, then it uses child support charts to set the amount. The amount is not based on a fixed percentage of income.

Calculating Child Support in Arkansas

Child Support Arrears

A parent who fails to pay child support owes the unpaid support in arrears. The custodial parent -- on her own or through the Arkansas Office of Child Support Enforcement -- can seek a judgment for back child support and interest. The judgment amount can be collected in any way that other money judgments can be collected.

Wage garnishment is the primary means of collecting child support payments, current or arrears. Every child support order issued in Arkansas includes a wage garnishment order that can be served on the paying parent's employer.

Other collection methods include taking unemployment or workers' compensation benefits, attaching bank accounts or real estate or seizing income tax refunds.

A custodial parent can collect on arrears after the child for whom the support was ordered turns 18 years old or is otherwise emancipated, for example by marriage or military service. Under Arkansas law, the debtor parent must continue to make the scheduled payments until the arrears are paid off.